Halloween Treat

Allie, Kate and Daniel were getting ready for the Halloween party. Kate and Daniel were dressing as Hansel and Gretel. Allie put on her plaid skirt, white button up blouse, and pulled on her long white knee socks. As they walked out Allie slipped on some penny loafers she had picked up from Goodwill.
While driving to the party, Allie sat in the back seat. She felt like the spare tire of the group. Although her and Kate secretly had a thing going, Kate had made it clear that she was in love with Daniel and didn’t want him to know. So as they kissed and giggled with each other in the front seat Allie just stared off into space. Since coming to college she had opened up sexually. She had a couple reliable sex buddies but none of them were guys she would want to spend any time with other than sex.
They arrived at the party and exited the car. Allie walked behind the couple. There were drunken guys outside and several them made comments on how hot Allie was as she walked by. Allie was 5’6 125lb with long toned and tanned legs. http://www.ehow.com/how_6601788_becoming-adult-film-actor.html Her breasts were only 34B, but her bra made them look bigger. Her long blonde hair was pulled into pig tails to top off her sexy school girl costume.
As Allie entered the door of the house a person caught her eye. He was dressed as a boxer. He had blue and red trunks, not shirt covering his wash board stomach, and blue boots. His blue eyes drew her like a magnet to him. As she walked toward him, he saw her, and watched as she came closer. Just so happened, he stood by the rubber trash can that held the beer. Allie reached her hand inside and pulled out an Ultra, twisted the top and pressed it to her lips as her eyes met his.
“Hi, I am Derek, what’s your name?”
“I am Allie, nice to meet you Derek, I like your costume.”
“Thanks I love yours. You look like the perfect naughty school girl”
Allie took another sip of her beer, “I can be” with a wink.

Derek and Allie exchanged small talk as they walked around the house together. Eventually they ended up outside by the pool sitting in a swing. The air outside was cool so Allie slid closer to Derek, and he placed his arm around her and pulled her closer. Her arm touched his bare mid-section and her panties were getting very moist. Derek looked into her eyes as their lips touched for the first time. The kiss lasted several minutes. Allie’s tongue explored his mouth as she felt his hand rubbed up her thigh under her skirt. She broke the kiss.
“Not here, do you have someplace to go?”
“My apartment is next door”
Derek got out of the swing and took her hand and they walked back through the crowd. Allie found Kate and Daniel and told them she is leaving and would call later. Then she and Derek left the party. They walked down the sidewalk hand and hand.
Derek slowly unlocked the door to his apartment and turned on the light and turned around and put his hands on Allie’s waist. He lowered his head down and they kissed. As their kiss continued, Derek slowly began to unbutton Allie’s blouse, pushing it off her shoulders, before his hands cups her breast inside her bra.. Allie moans in their kiss as Derek’s hands moved to her back and unhooked the small hooks attached to her bra, it fell to the floor. Derek’s mouth left Allies and kissed down her neck and shoulders before reaching her erect nipple. As he sucked her nipple into his mouth, Allie’s knees almost buckled.
Derek led the topless Allie to his room. As he turned around, Allie kneeled down to her knees. She put her fingers into the waist band of Derek’s trunks and tugs them down. To her surprise, he had no underwear on under his trunks and his hard cock popped up. She lifted his hard staff and ran her tongue up from his scrotum, up his shaft and ran her tongue around his head. Derek was uncut, Allie was surprised at how it looked, she had never seen one not cut. She pushed his fore skin down and slipped the head of his cock between her lips. Her tongue cupped his shaft as she pushes his cock deeper in her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and began to bob her head up and down. Derek held on to Allie’s pig tails as he thrusted his hips into her eager mouth. vintage xxx He pushed his cock deeper, touching the back of her throat, making her slightly gag. Getting very close to the edge from the pleasure her mouth and tongue was getting, Derek pushed Allie off his cock and pulled her to her feet where he kissed her hard on the lips.
Derek pushed Allie back onto the bed. He lifted her skirt and reached under it and hooked her thong. Slowly he removed her thong while kissing down her toned legs. When he pulled the thong off her feet, he brought her socked foot to his nose and inhaled. Looking into Allie’s blue eyes, Derek slowly moved up her body opening her legs. He lowered his head and his tongue touched her engorged clit. Allie’s whole body shivered.. She closed her legs tightly around his head as his tongue slithered between her tight lips. Allie was as close to heaven as she could get as Derek expertly lapped at her juices while teasing her clit. Read More Here He inserted his middle finger into her and her hips lifted off the bed pushing it deeper. Allie whimpered from pleasure as she feels her orgasm approaching. Derek too anticipated her orgasm from the amounts of sweet juice flowed from her. Almost instantly, Allie’s body tensed, her toes curled as her orgasm hit and hits hard squirting her girly juices all over Derek’s tongue and fingers.
Allie fell to bed limp. The only movement was her abdomen moving up and down from her intense breathing. Derek rose from between her legs and slowly crawled beside her, laying on his back. Allie slowly rose from her laying position and threw her leg over his midsection. Lowering she kisses his lips tasting her on them as she ground her soppy pussy onto his stomach. She lifted from her kiss and rose up and positioned herself over his standing cock. She took it into her right hand and lowered herself onto it. The size of Derek’s cock was almost too much for her tight pussy, but with determination she continued to work her hips until it was all the way in. She sat there allowing herself to get use to the big love stick inside her. Derek lay there watching the beauty on top of him. He lifted his hands and took a breast in each, as Allie began to move her hips up and down on his shaft. Allie placed her hand on his chest, and worked her hips slowly at first but gradually picked up the pace until her butt was slapping against his upper thigh. Derek lifted up and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. Sucking and biting it softly, sending Allie over the edge again.
Allie collapsed onto Derek after her second mind blowing orgasm. Derek slowly rolled her over, his cock slipped out of her. With her on her stomach, he placed his hand on her lower stomach, and lifted it up. He took his cock in his hand and pressed against her open lips, and slid it in slowly. He placed his hand on her hips and began to feed her pussy his hard cock. Allie lifted up on her arms. Her small breast moved back and forth from the force of the fucking she was receiving. She heard Derek moan and felt his hot cum shoot deep inside of her. Once his load was emptied completely he pulled out and lay beside her.
Derek and Allie kiss for a while. Then Allie left his lips and kissed down his body and took his softening cock into her mouth, and tasted their mixed fluids. Once his cock was all clean, she lay in his arms and they drifted off to sleep.
The next morning Allie woke up still in his arms, and still in her plaid skirt and knee socks.

Some Bondage

I began to lead you back to my house, as we approached, I blindfolded you and ushered you inside. I sat you down and removed your blindfold, you soon realised that you were in a bright room with only a chair and some toys on the table. Your eyes widened as you realised you had been gagged and tied up.

I began to slowly pull off your clothes; you couldn’t stop me even if you wanted me too. You could tell, I wasn’t going to; I began pulling off your bikini top, revealing your perky round large breasts. I through it across the room aggressively before i began to slide down your body and pulling your thong off with my teeth. . I left the room momentarily and came back with a glass of ice cold water; I began to pour it down your bust. You gasped at the coldness and looked at me to stop, but I didn’t…

I pulled my trousers down and my boxers and stepped out of them, my hard long erect penis was level with your eye cold bust. I began to hit your breasts with it, it stung as I cock-slapped you hard and I could hear you moan through your gag. But now you felt a cold breeze on your bum, you realised the chair had a hole in it.
I knelt down level with your face and pulled down your gag as I walked around you ambiguously, I pulled a large leather whip which I had also acquired when I left the room for the water. I suddenly whipped under the chair, which struck against your bum. A cry of pain mixed with surprise filled my ears. I grimaced and whispered in your ear “the more you scream, the harder I get”

I came close, centimetres away from your face and bit your lip, before once again whipping you whilst off guard, you mumbled this time and I rewarded you with a short clit massage, I untied your arms and allowed you to stand up for an instance before I moved you to the side and bent you over my lap. I felt my erection dig into your clitoris as I began to spank you hard after smearing cold water over them. my website You screamed as you had forgotten the rule about spanking and I spanked you again harder this time.

I left the room again and returned with a melted galaxy chocolate mixture which I allowed you to have a smell of before I coated my cock in it, I kept it just out of your tongues reach and teased you about it. Allowing you to have frequent but instant licks before I back away coating it in more chocolate.

I pick up a item of rope and you soon realise it’s a breast harness, I began to roughly nibble on your nipples. Almost biting them, sucking on them as hard as I can feeling them harden before I decide to ferociously lick them.
http://www.latimes.com/85196227-132.html I place my cock in your mouth and I feel you sucking all the chocolate off and I decide to cum a little, mixing up the chocolate and cum as I start to deepthroat you, my penis travels far in your mouth and I begin to feel the pleasurable sensation whilst you also gag and want air. I begin to cum; it hits the back of your throat and fills your mouth along with my cock still being in there.

I push you over and stand over your body, you look at me in a strange manner as I begin to squat above your head but you see my balls are coated in chocolate and you are eager for them to reach you so you can suck them hard. I also begin to wank hardly and let you help me doing so the cum builds up in my head. Out of the blue, I begin to cum and let it all out coating your face, breasts and other parts of your body in cum.

I watch you wiping your fingers around your face and suck your fingers as you enjoy being soaked. I pull out my large leather restraints and demand you sit in the chair aggressively; I place the restraints on your hands and your stomach as you are strapped to the chair once again. I make you spread your legs into the spread eagle position and begin to penetrate you hard and deep. My other hand picks up a dildo which I make you penetrate your anus with, creating the double penetration sensation. You scream and I begin to whip you as cold water drips on your breasts which are still in the breast harness.

I stop and push you against the nearest wall; I pick you up and turn you upside down with ease due to my muscular build. cumshot I spread your legs and begin to lick you out whilst you suck my long cock, you moan and sigh but I can’t hear you as your mouth is full with my cock. I continue to lick you and get you to wrap your legs around my neck so I can slide a finger in as the same time, fingering you and licking you out and you are inaudible.

I let you down on your knees but tell you to stay like that, I turn to the wall and spray the bottom of it with my cum, I tell you to lick it all off as you did on your hands and knees, I slid myself inside you roughly, penetrating you hard and make your tight anus hole extremely raw. I cool it down by filling with my warm cum but it quickly cools down and I can tell you are feeling a cooling sensation.

You stand up and I opt to rub some of my excess cum on your breasts and slide my cock between them as my hot cum lubricates them and I slide between them, faster and faster. You begin to rub your breasts in an inwards motion and the feeling is amazing. You keep going and my moans become louder, I begin to rub your clit whilst you tease me and build up the feeling.

I collapse to the floor and you look alarmed but I pull you down on top of me and carefully place you on top of my cock, I pull you down and you begin to bounce whilst I thrust upwards, you scratch marks in my back as blood is drawn and I begin to whip you once again before one final ejaculation, completely fills your tight hole. The torture and pleasure had finished